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Godsticks Documentary: 'The Making of Emergence' 

Back in November 2014 we headed down to the awesome Monnow Valley Studio to lay down bass guitar and drum tracks for our new album 'Emergence', then later decamped to producer James Loughrey's studio to work on guitar and vocal tracks. During this recording process we took some time out to discuss the sounds used for the new album, the heavier direction that our sound was taking, and the experience of working with James Loughrey.  The video was filmed and edited by Chris Vinnicombe.

You can check out the result in the 'Featured Video' section on the left.

Reviews of Emergence 

Here are a few examples of what the press has to say about our new album 'Emergence':

"The title track is a frenzied rocker, and from the opener Below the Belt to the closer Lack of Scrutiny, this album will hold – or more likely command – your attention."  Progarchy 

"'Hopeless Situation' and 'One Percent' continue the strong progressive feel with some complicated time changes and superb musicianship all round. Title track 'Emergence' is full of scorching riffs, pounding drums and more brilliant guitar work from Charles." Uber Rock

"The traditional Godsticks sound is still present but assembled with a different outlook that incorporates a heavier perspective within a slightly stripped down environment. There is still soul and emotion at the heart of it all, math rock, prog, jazz and metal flavouring the stew that holds the hugely accessible melodies and choruses, the cornerstone to the success of Godsticks’ music." The Progressive Aspect

'Emergence' New Release Date and New Video 

Our new album 'Emergence' will now be released on the 4th of September 2015.  Among other reasons, this is due to Fridays being the new global release day for albums.  However, rest assured that any pre-orders made up to this point will be distributed on the previously stated release date of 10th of August.

We've also just released our second video for this album, which was filmed at various locations around Sheffield and features the new track 'Below The Belt'.  Check it out on the left of this page!

Announcement Regarding Release Date 

Hi Everyone
We have to temporarily delay the new album release date.  We should be able to post a revised date for Emergence on our website sometime next week, however.  We only expect a very brief delay but rest assured the reasons for postponement are - potentially - entirely positive!  We can't go into details just yet though.  In other news, the new video for the single 'Below the Belt' will be coming soon, so stay tuned!