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Live Video and Audio 

In addition to working on our new (as yet untitled) album, we're also currently editing some live Godsticks video and audio from our recent tour with The Aristocrats.  The live material will be ready in a few weeks time and will be made available for download on our website and on Bandcamp.

Godsticks to support Umphrey's McGee in London - June 19th 

Umphrey's McGee are bringing their unique brand of progressive improvisation to the Brooklyn Bowl in London for three dates on the 19th to 21st of June, and Godsticks are excited to announce that they will be supporting them on the first of these dates.  For full details and ticket links, please click here.  

"Umphrey's McGee has built a rabid fanbase through endless touring, putting them on the road 100+ nights a year. Their constantly evolving sound channels a wide spectrum of influences while still preserving their distinct voice through crafty songwriting. With a massive repertoire of originals and note-perfect covers, their live shows are like flipping through the presets on your radio dial. Their A.D.D. approach to "progressive improvisation" utilizes a set of Zappa inspired hand signals allowing them to orchestrate their melodic creations on the fly."  Umphrey's McGee's eighth studio album 'Similar Skin', is due for release on June 10th 2014.

Touring with the Aristocrats 

After a unforgettable 3 weeks touring with The Aristocrats, we are back in the UK.  Thanks to everyone who has come out to the gigs; we had a brilliant time and it's been great to see so many people!  The next few months will be spent recording the next album, but we hope to fit in a few gigs too.  [Group photo: both bands and crew]